Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Rings & Recycling.

Lately,I've realised just how much I love rings!
They can be tiny works of art,only seen by special people you allow close enough or huge statement pieces that can turn heads from the other side of the street!
I have been playing with ideas for my own recycled denim ones.

You may know that I have a great appreciation for all things recycled & have come across some very clever designers/recyclers.People who make beautiful things from old glass,driftwood & cutlery.There is a lot of pretty button jewellery about but beware of the mass produced if you are trying to be green.If you buy handmade at markets or from Folksy & Etsy,the designer/maker will know where their materials have come from-don't be afraid to ask.
I hope you like this little collection of lovelies.

Firstly this Scrabble Tile  Ring by SeventeenNineteen on Folksy. 

This pretty little Zipper ring by AngleAh on Etsy 

I love these fabulous pool ball rings by Eleanor Salazar. 

Here is something from the fabulous Nat at Thrashion.
Recycled skateboard jewellery by

And finally this gorgeous one from When the music is over on Folksy. 
Do you use recycled materials for your jewellery?
Leave a comment & let me know!

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