Friday, 14 September 2012

You just can't get the staff these days!

Running your own business is hard.So I am always interested in new Government schemes aimed at helping small businesses.Today they announced a new measures which will make it easier for employers to get rid of rubbish employees.I wondered how that might help me........

There is one member of staff here who is particularly troublesome.She is always late & regularly disappears throughout the day on shopping trips.She constantly drops everything & abandons the workroom to take care of her children or run errands for family & friends.

When she is at work,she is lazy & argumentative,often inappropriately dressed & sometimes in no fit state to work after late nights socialising.

Her approach to her work is often haphazard & she is slow,almost resistant to embrace new systems."when I learned this in the 1980s......" can often be heard.Her time management is non-existent & productivity is hard to measure.Apparently Facebook & Twitter is actually really working! 

Her musical taste is extremely suspect & the singing? Oh the singing.....& dancing too............Oh dear,oh dear!

A redeeming quality? Well the work's 'dos' would not be the same without her! 

But Most importantly,she is the ONLY member of staff in this company so I think I'll just put up with myself for a bit longer!


  1. Brilliant, That sums me up totally and I may have to sack myself!!!

  2. I don't even think I'd get the job lol!
    On the other hand I think I'm the best boss in the world....usually!