Monday, 27 August 2012

Lion!...Oh no,its The Wizard of Oz!

How funny that last night's 'Lion loose in Essex' story reminded me of the cowardly lion & low & behold today we are watching The Wizard of Oz!
Perhaps I thought of him because of his resemblance to some of the female characters in TOWIE!

But anyhow......there is something rather comforting about this film,& others like it,being shown on a dull Bank Holiday.
You feel like it's ok for the whole family to sit & do nothing for 2 hours.
Even when some of the endearing characters are,on reflection,flipping scary.If this lot approached you today,you'd be reaching for the mace & dialling 999!
But Oh those ruby slippers.If someone dropped a house on my sister I'd probably want more than just some shoes to make up for it bit hey ho they were truly beautiful then & I wouldn't mind a pair now!

There's no place like home!

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